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New Surfers!

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town

The week before last we were not at school because of Easter and what can only be described as the most public holiday s ever squeezed into a two week period. We still went surfing however, which given the weather at the beginning of the week seems a bit of a miracle.

We had a practise session on Tuesday. This was well-needed as I am personally a bit rusty and we often have volunteers who have no surfing experience. Not a problem, as the children we took on Wednesday and Thursday also have no experience, and in fact have only seen the sea a few times!

I will never get over how excited people are when they first have a go on a surfboard… though I have to say I also have the same thrill every time I catch a wave. It was particularly nice this week with kids from the orphanage who have never really seen a wetsuit before, let alone worn one, and they loved it!

Salusiwe was a bit scared but Charmaine and Mushrak were in their element. Plus Arend, who I thought might be too scared, was great. Both the boys were trying to stand up and while Mushrak did get up, he was facing forwards with feet on either side of the board. Little things! Charmaine stole the show. She spent most of the time she wasn’t on a board face down in the waves, giggling. Unforgettable!

Nick Herrick – Sports & Surfing Coordinator