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My first week at Olives

By 5 years ago
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My first experience teaching children began at 9.20 am. It wasn’t as bad  has I had initially thought it was going to be , yes it was a little terrifying walking into a classroom of 41 faces staring at you , but I soon felt at ease when the class (standard 5) all stood up and greeted me with smiley face.

Fortunately I had planned an activity on Nouns the night before with the help of GVI staff. I was very pleased to see the children had a good understanding of the basics and were able to follow my instructions throughout the lessons.

I must admit I thought it would be quite strange to be called Madam Carla , but after just one day I love it ! I think it’s going to take a little more than a day or two to remember all their names but I’m definitely going to try.
Madam Carla teaching one on one reading  

I can’t wait to get back into the classroom

By Volunteer Carla  D’Agostino