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My first 2 weeks have flown by....

By 5 years ago
Categories Jalova

It´s been just over 2 weeks now since I arrived here in Costa Rica, and every day just seems to get better out here! Every day I seem to be learning more about the community of El Cocal and the children who come into the community center. El Cocal is a small peninsula which is just a 2 minute boat ride across the water from Boca Vieja, the second community we work in.

Every morning we get up bright and early to start our journey to El Cocal. Despite being slightly anxious on my first visit to the ‘Casa del Sol’ community center, we were all greeted with open arms by the smiling, excitable children who live there. 

After only a few weeks, I have come to know all the children who attend the community center daily, and thoroughly enjoy my time with them, and have grown particularly good at Bingo which one of the boys, Imer, insists on playing daily! My Spanish has also improved during my time here due to my Spanish lessons with two local teachers, Carlos and Runia. Spending time chatting to the kids has also improved my Spanish, so I’m hoping over the next few months it can only get better!

It’s amazing to think that while I’m out here having such an amazing time; I am also making a difference in this small community we are working in. By working in the community center, we are giving the children there something to do with their time which would otherwise presumably be spent wandering around the streets of El Cocal. Also by communicating in both Spanish and English with the children, and by offering English classes, we are improving their English language skills which can only benefit them in the future. 

Lindsay Christie- Quepos Intern