My favourite thing about Jalova is...

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Last week, we said goodbye to some of the first volunteers of 2013. Today’s blog is a compilation of thoughts from these lovely volunteers on their favourite things about life here in Jalova.

My favourite thing about Jalova is…

‘That today, I can call it home.’ -Munib, 3 month volunteer

‘Its ability to make me enjoy living in the present, and all the wonderful creatures (both man and beast) who call it home.’- Angie, 1 month volunteer

‘The unpredictability of everything! You never know what you will see and what weather you will be in.’ -Rob, 6 month intern

‘You’re always within a few steps of seeing something new and amazing every day that you’re here.’ -Joel, 2 month volunteer

‘The mosquitoes, I relish the many mosquito bites I have! In all seriousness though, I love the fact that we all care so much about this wonderful unique place and are so open to exposing our backgrounds and listening to the stories of others! I have learnt so much here, and not just about the jungle!’- Micah, 2 month volunteer

‘All the amazing people from all over the world with such great personalities (also I love the hammock!).’  -Elsa, 3 month volunteer

‘Exploring the jungle, from the exhilarating night walks with our faces painted, to playing basilisks across the mud (essentially trying to run like the basilisk lizards to avoid getting stuck in the mud!).’    -Jeremy, 1 month volunteer

‘Being submerged in the rich and exciting rainforest with fantastic people from all over the world! This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, and it is a privilege to share it with like-minded, enthusiastic and lovely people’ – Katie, 1 month volunteer

‘The feeling of freedom. Walking next to a seemingly endless forest, on an endless beach, looking and the endless blue sky which is reflected in the endless Caribbean Sea; it’s just bliss!’ – Heather, 6 month intern

‘That every day is a new adventure to share with an amazing bunch of people’ -Chris, 1 month volunteer