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My Experience at GVI Playa del Carmen, MX

By Grant Smith 2 years ago

The highlight of my time at GVI playa del Carmen, without a doubt, was the opportunity I received being able to work with and care for people mainly children with special needs. From what I understand about the creation of Escuelita, is that in Mexico if your child needs extra facilities and care due to their disability it is either not easily accessible or extremely expensive to care for. As roughly 1.8% of children born in Mexico are born with a disability, almost 1 in 50 children are not properly looked after, to make this statistic even more shocking, Only 15% of people with a disability between the ages of 15 and 29 have an education.

A lot of people turn a blind eye to this as the statistic is as upsetting as it is scary. From knowing this I realized the work GVI does in assisting the teaching and helping out in anyway the volunteers helps these children and adults directly really makes a difference, no matter how small or large a volunteers impact is on this it helps. This brings me to my next point, the teachers at Escuelita, despite how they see it they devote their lives to people who are generally neglected in every day Mexican society. I cannot describe the kindness and warmness they give to the children. Specifically, the emphasis on showing the children what they are capable of and the independency they try to enforce in order for them to learn so they can adapt to situations where there is to care available possibly in the future.

From my perspective, volunteers that come to GVI, naturally can leave with many different feelings for example either view their experience as an eye opener to section of society which is neglected by the rest mostly, however innocently as they aren’t comfortable interacting with the children, admittedly when I first went to Escuelita I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to react. Or another perspective which is the admiration, determination and passion of the staff at GVI and Escuelita. As implied before I have never been blessed with this kind of opportunity.
What I like about coming into contact with new culture and people is that I can learn from them. To say I have learnt from the teachers at Escuelita is an understatement. I admire them and I know that the time I spent with the children as well as the teachers is that I will go home and will try to me a fraction of the outstanding people they are. Now that GVI has given me this opportunity, its opened doors to helping those who most need it.