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Missing the Sunrise in Pokhara

By 4 years ago
Categories Pokhara
The first thing I thought while arriving in Pokhara was that I wanted to see the sunset or sunrise over the mountains.  Because the weather was bad at sunset (too many clouds) I couldn’t see the sunset by the lake.  So, I decided to wake up early – very early – to see the sunrise.  I heard from a couple of people that the sun rises at 6am.

Tuesday 14th was meant to be a sunny day so I woke up at 5.45am.  I arrived at the lake – recognising that I could see a lot, even while the sun wasn’t visible – and sat on the grass.  An Indian man and his family asked me why I was up so early.  I answered that I wanted to see the sunrise.  “Oh, you’re too late!”  Too late? I thought.  I could have slept two more hours and I’m TOO LATE?!

To make things worse, I stepped into buffalo poo while waking home.  Still, I love the sun in Nepal and will have plenty of  chances to see this amazing site!

Love Billie