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May 2016 GVI Phang Nga Monthly Achievement Report

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  • To improve and restore disturbed coastal habitats to a healthy state through the use of cleanups and re-vegetation respectively.
  • To educate local children and adults on the importance of conservation in both marine and terrestrial environments
  • To build and develop new partnerships and project opportunities




Last year, GVI Phang Nga composed a site visit report with mention to a local eco tourism group based in Takua Pa called Little Amazon and also a Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) office with a contact number. Our current staff have followed up on this, and in April this year, a meeting was set with the Head of the DMCR Mangrove unit in Bang Nai Si.


The meeting was attended by Caz and Conservation Project Coordinator, Katie, as well as a translator.  The Head of the unit mentioned that they were interested in asking GVI to produce a questionnaire or survey that could collect information for the DMCR as to what people expect from Mangroves so that they can tailor the visitor experience to suit.  The head then introduced a lady, who asked if we wanted to visit an area of mangroves a short drive away.   The destination happened to be the ecotourism group Little Amazon.  After looking around the site and speaking to the lady and the owner, GVI Phang Nga were invited to attend a special event a few weeks later where mangroves were to be planted and fish were to be released.


On the 31st May, GVI Phang Nga Conservation programme volunteers alongside the Service Learning hub joined together to attend this special event.  The event was in honour of the Kings 70th year on the throne and many government officials also attended.  A total of 8,600 sea bass were released and hundreds of mangrove shoots and plants were planted.  GVI Phang Nga also spent a bit of time cleaning up rubbish from the mangroves.  The staff at Little Amazon were kind enough to take us on boats, further into the mangroves where volunteers and staff spotted many different types of wildlife living within the stunning coastal landscape.


GVI Phang Nga Conservation staff and volunteers, along with the Service Learning team have designed a questionnaire and begun to collect data.  When enough data has been gathered, GVI Phang Nga will write up a report for the DMCR and will provide recommendations of how to tailor these sites to attract more visitors and increase their educational value.  Further mangrove cleans at Little Amazon have been arranged and hopefully will be a regular activity to begin this exciting new partnership.


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