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Volunteer and Intern Abroad since 1997
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Matt’s Blog...From Volunteer to Coordinator

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town

The 10 weeks I have spent here have been without doubt the most fulfilling and inspiring 10 weeks of my life!  Having the opportunity to work at ACJ Primary School in Nomzamo has been both rewarding and loads of fun!
I volunteered on the Sports and Surfing program, and went on to coordinate this program.  Teaching around 1,000 children a week is challenging, but the rewards vastly out way any stress caused by controlling a class, which often has around 40 enthusiastic and energetic children bursting to take part in a sports lesson!
The children at ACJ are the most beautifully natured kids you could ever wish to meet.  Whatever my contribution has been to ACJ, it will not come close to what I gained from ACJ.  In relation to amazing memories, and just little moments that literally take your breath away.  For these memories I’ll always hold ACJ in my heart, and be grateful for the time I spent here!
In my time here we have covered so many sports.  No matter what sport it is you can guarantee that as you open the door to the classroom to collect your class you will be greeted by cheers and smiles, as the kids go crazy for the opportunity to both learn and have fun! 
I simply can’t think of a favourite moment to share here, because I have had so many incredible moments, choosing one is an impossible task.  But seeing the face of a kid that has just mastered a new skill or when surfing a kid catches a wave and stands up for the very first time and automatically turns to you to make sure you saw it is priceless!
I feel lucky to have met so many amazing people out here all of which I now class as great friends. Starting with the kids and staff of ACJ who are extremely resilient and positive people.  Secondly, the volunteers who I have shared many amazing experiences with, and last but not least my colleagues at GVI who are so passionate about the community in which we work in.
I have been lucky enough to spend some time in each of the project sites here in Nomzamo, and although people from each project will argue that theirs is the most special, I am in a position to say that they are all unique and equally amazing.  So if you are reading this thinking about volunteering for the first time and which project to undertake, don’t worry because you will make a great contribution to the community no matter which project you volunteer for, and I can guarantee you will have an amazing time and ‘think’ your project is the best!
After shedding a tear (I had something in my eye) at my last day at ACJ listening to the choir singing, I am extremely sad to be leaving, but I will be back!  Nomzamo, particularly the children of ACJ, and all the amazing people I have been lucky to have worked with will always have a special place in my heart!
Matt  Finch – Sports and Surfing Coordinator