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Mango's, Menstruation and Mat Weaving on Moturiki

By Amirah Ali 2 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

Let me tell you a story of women so rare, whose ability to love reaches levels I’ve never seen anywhere. Where a day starts with children hyper and active, eating tropical fruits which look the utmost attractive. In this village, a smile turns into a laugh and happiness levels peak all charts. Women offer you all they have without expecting anything in return, and the more you sit to listen the more you will learn. Where cousins, sisters, brothers walk in and out because family and kinship is what this life is all about.

We work as a community in the morning to sew the seeds so information will never again mislead; teaching on menstrual education, and preparing women for projects on sanitation. The efforts of these beautiful women will pioneer the next generation to undo the once taboo, and no longer be afraid of blood in the loo.

They’ll always offer you lunch whether you’re one individual, a small group or a large bunch. They’ll offer you food till you’re rolling on the floor, and keep offering you more and more. This is a place where conversation runs freely, where despite the staggering heat, life seems nice and breezy. Where schools are seen with high levels of respect, and smiling children will always leave a positive effect. In this village women weave anything you can imagine, despite how difficult it may be they’re always up for the challenge. With a tiny push to create business plans and schemes, they make a rather talented team. While we can sit and spend hours watching them weave, we said our goodbyes and had to leave.

The journey back was a wonder on its own, with mango trees, flowers, and stunning scenery you’d never truly be able to grasp the beauty of through a photograph on your phone. A day on the island is all you really need to help remind you how beautiful people and life can truly be.