Mahout Profile - Suwit

By GVI Staff 5 years ago
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Basic Information 

Mahout for 


Date of Birth 

July 25th, 1991 




Chat, Somchai 


Paranee (“Boluh”), Sawapah 


Huay Pakoot 


Suwit has lived his entyre life in Huay Pakoot. He attended the school here until age 12, but he currently is continuing his studies by attending school in Khun Yuam on the weekends. His father passed away when he was a child, and his mother was very strict. At times, he avoided going home because his brother Chat would bully him. Despite a relatively difficult childhood, he was able to land a job as Kha Moon’s mahout when his aunt, who previously took care of her, decided to work in the fields. Widget (Singtoh and Dee’s brother) taught him how to be a mahout in just 2 days. Suwit later became Lulu’s mahout because she was very young and required an experienced mahout. His family owns five elephants (Lulu, Kha Moon, Gola Soo, Boo Luong, and Meh Tip). Suwit has never been outside of Thailand and does not plan on leaving the village. In his free time, he enjoys sleeping and playing football. He describes himself as funny, introverted, and smart. 

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