Magic and Music in India

By Ariane 3 years ago
Categories Kerala

Every journey is an adventure and adventure equals uncertainty. It’s part of the magic when you travel, and when you travel with a purpose magic on your side.

Arriving to another continent is always surprising. There are always things that remind me of home and some others that are really different. The first cow I saw in Kerala was at 2am in the morning outside the porch of a house. I was tired and just wanted to get to GVI’s base as soon as possible. To be honest, I was scared because that cow seemed to me like a beast and the beast was there, lying in the street like any other dog or cat that wanders around town! Of course I expected to see some cows hanging around the streets, but I will never forget the first cow I saw in India.

The trip from the airport to GVI’s base seemed like an eternity. I finally arrived and the first person I saw was Steve and asked him if he was in the right place and he said: “yes, this is going to be your home for the next month.” I will never forget those words, it was not just GVI’s base it was home.

I’m part of the arts project and it’s funny because without knowing it before I arrived I’m doing what I love in life “music”.

Introducing music sessions at Cottolengo Special school, Thamaraparambu school and the Relief Settlement has been such a wonderful experience. Music is magic and an excellent method to communicate with people. I just know a few words in Malayalam but music transcends language or any culture. Music is love and love is universal.

…By the way cows look really amazing on the streets, and the goats too!Upcycling bottles to make instruments Thank you from Cottolengo Special School