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Exercising and loving it!


Keeping active is an essential part of childhood. It improves general health whilst building self-confidence and creating a sense of achievement. During my month in Mombasa, I taught P.E. at two schools – Nyota and Olives, so I was able to view the similarities and compare the differences at each. One thing that both schools and all students seem to share, is their passion for sports and in particular, football. At the start of most lessons, there will often be a request along the lines of ´Madam, are we going to play footyball?´. However, I found that they are just as excited and hyperactive when they are introduced to new games and sports, which allow them to learn a new set of rules and strategies. Netball has proven to be very effective as has the introduction of volleyball with some of the older classes.


Madam Daniele getting involved in a game of ´footyball`


One of my favourite games has been tug of war, which is always very competitive, especially when it is girls vs. boys. It always puts a massive smile on my face when I see the kids in such high spirits, especially when the ´We are the winners´ dance is performed!


Madam Daniele organising a competitive game of Tug of War

I´ve been in Mombasa for 4 weeks now, and I have had the most amazing experience possible, one which I will never forget. I certainly wish to come back again and see the smiles and hear the laughter once more.

Madam Daniele has also supported the adult computer classes at Olives community


Daniele Johnston, GVI Volunteer