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Living with Kruger National Park at Your Doorstep...

By 5 years ago
Categories Limpopo

I will admit, we are spoiled here at GVI Karongwe.  Not only do we have 8,000ha of bush to explore on a daily basis but we also live on the doorstep of one of the worlds most famous national parks, Kruger.

Kruger National Park comprises of nearly 2 million hectares (the size of Wales!) of unrivaled diversity in flora and fauna as well as historical and archaeological sites.  Kruger was established in 1898 to protect wildlife in the South African lowveld, Kruger is unrivaled in the diversity of its life forms and a world leader in advanced environmental management techniques.

When our volunteers head off to Kruger they may be looking for one of the 147 mammal species or maybe one of the 507 bird species.  Other volunteers may be looking at the 337 species of tree or even one of the 114 species of reptile.

Karongwe is situated an hours drive from both Orpen and Phalabourwa Gates, two entry points into the Kruger National Park.  Volunteers are able to visit the park on an optional day visit with staff and many decide to go back on their own during time off.  Staff tend to flock to Kruger whenever possible for some time away and some nice photographic opportunities.  One of the amazing things about Kruger is exploring its different sections as both the wildlife and plant makeup varies from North to South.

To give you an idea of staffs’ favourite haunts check out our own GVI Sightings Map!  Each star represents where the staff members favourite pictures were taken.

The Kruger experience is truly majestic.  You never know what you may run into while in the park and there is always something unique to see and witness.

So, here it is, a few of our staff members (Andreas Fox, Kaggie Orrick, Jamie Sangster, Rhi Craig, Benjamin Tupper) greatest photographic feats from the one and only, Kruger National Park! (Please excuse a few formatting errors….a file this large was tough to wrestle to a manageable size).