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Learning to ride the waves

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town

Autumn is here. New to the sorts and surfing program, I donned my wetsuit for the first time last week. Helping the kids into their wetsuit was definitely a laugh. One of the girls managed to put her right leg in the left side then twisted it and put the left leg in backwards, twisted the wetsuit again somehow and put the top half on kind of normal. She looked so tangled and confused, but happy enough with her attempt to carry on until the surf coach suggested we help her fix it.

Finally we hit the sand for a jog and some warm up exercises before grabbing the boards and taking the plunge into the chilly waters of Pipes at Strand. They are attempting to use a 6ft 5 board and the boys are really starting to pick it up, while the girls need a little more encouragement. It is amazing to see their faces light up and their grin from ear to ear when they ride a wave right to the beach. It is an opportunity that I doubt they would have if it weren’t for the GVI incentive program. 

Jodie Watson- Sports and surfing volunteer