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Love letter to Mexico

By Laura Karnite 1 year ago
Categories Yucatan

Did You know, Mexico, that I’m in love with You? It happened last year, when I met You for the first time. You are beautiful, Mexico, and it’s not only because of Your blue warm sea, white-sand beaches, palm trees, colorful flowers and bright sun, which I don’t have in my motherland. Yes, they are wonderful, but You, my Mexico, are different.

You have eyes and smile of Invasores children – so warm and hearty, that it’s impossible not to smile back. These kids, whose homes are self-made huts in jungles, surrounded with garbage heaps, don’t have many things without which most modern people can’t get along – water, electricity, cell phones, Internet and other goods of civilization. But they have something more important – warm hearts and open minds, compassion and an insatiable desire to learn. They are like fertile land, ready to grow wonderful flowers, and I’m happy that I was able to sow some seeds in it.

20160317_111313.jpg EDITED

You have arms of Coco’s Animal Welfare people – soft enough to gently caress a smallest puny kitten and strong enough to build a new vet clinic for dogs and cats in need. And I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to meet these dedicated and inspiring people and to be a part of this team, no, not team – family, friendly and united family, doing their incredibly hard work with an inexhaustible passion and enthusiasm.

thumbnail_IMG_1440.jpg EDITED

Your flavor is mix of aroma of ubiquitous Mexican eateries on the streets, serving simple but incredibly delicious food – tacos, quesadillas, tortas, empanadas; a smell of exaust gas from Colectivos and cabs, who drive through the streets like crazy; an odour of washing powder from small lavanderia’s, enriched with a droplet of stench of rubbish and always palpable sea breeze.

Your voice is morning song of X’Kau – brave deep violet-blue bird, always busy and bustling; a street vendor shouts, offering his goods: „Tamales, tamales!”; police sirens and wistful howl of street dogs at night, and, of course, salsa – passionate melody that sounds everywhere in Your world.

You swim in cenotes – mysterious underground caves, filled with clear blue water, and Your playmates here are curious, long mustached catfishes and calm, black bats, sliding silently beneath the vaulted, stalactites and tree root-covered ceiling.

Your palace is Chitzen Itza – glorious temple of powerful civilization who lived on Your land in ancient times, but Your real home is Coba – jungle covered hidden world, where the souls of ancient Mayans are still wandering around and you feel a little fear (or hope?) that you may unintentionally end up in a magical point of intersection and disappear in time for forever.

lauras coba pic.jpg edited

Hasta luego, Mexico! I’m leaving this week, but I’ll be back, I promise You! Because I’ve fallen in love with You for life!