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Being in Laos

By Jade Marie Spencer 4 years ago
Categories Luang Prabang

The following is written by our volunteer Jade from Australia, on her feelings towards the end of her time volunteering. She will be missed!


Forget what your government website and your guide books say, they cannot possibly paint the picture of Laos for you. You can read about it and watch as many youtube videos as you want, but if you’re not here in the thick of it, you will never understand how open, warm and welcoming Laos is.


For a start, if you walk into anywhere and simply say “Sabaidee” you are greeted with warm friendly smiles. I’ve never traveled so far away from home and felt so at home at the same time.


When I signed up with GVI I had little expectation for what I may encounter. I took every piece of advice from my more seasoned traveler friends and learnt very quickly to throw it all out the window.


Now, in my last few days on the program and in the country, my only regret is that I can’t stay longer. I have enjoyed meeting all the local people, my class of novices and my fellow volunteers. My priority now is to work my butt off and get myself back to this wonderful piece of paradise I have gladly called my home for the last four and a half weeks.