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The Knights of the Mangroves: A Mudskipping Epic

By William Atticus Derham 3 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

Thick slimy mud, pointed piercing roots, low hanging deadly trees; these were the dangers of trekking into the notorious Curieuse Mangroves. None dared to pass into the depths of this forsaken place, not even the Rangers of the East, who live side by side with the savage Giant tortoises. Nor Big Mama from the Far West, tamer of beasts and Keeper of the Coast. Nay, it was the brave and bold Knights of GVI who alone passed into the Mangroves. For brave and bold they must be, to conquer these treacherous conditions. Yet not all are chosen for such an epic journey. Five of the meanest and most grizzly knights were chosen for this task.

Sir William Atticus the Stalwart, Master of Spoon; Sir James McClelland the Gallant, Master of Syringe; Lady Eliane Messmer the Fair, Master of Books; and to top off the company, the savage Vikings from the Far North across the sea, Lily Shark-Tamer and Ingrid Mud-Eater, of Stavanger. Together, they manned the Mudskip Guard, a famed and noble group of the finest Knights of GVI. It was they who dug up the mud of the mangroves and subjected it to tests to determine what foul witchery was happening in this place. They took temperature and salinity at various locations around the area, including deep into the midlands where giant crabs and slithering eels roam, not to mention sinister pools of mud that suck up your legs. Even through these obstacles, the Knights trekked on, from point to point, not stopping until their goal was complete.

Hours passed by, and the Mudskip Guard had collected data from more than half the points in the mangroves. Legs had been cut, bruised and absorbed in the mud, but their task had been a success. The mangroves may have wearied them and beat them down, but the Knights rose up and with spoon and syringe in hand, they cheered; they had done the undoable, for they had beaten the record of old! Many a month before their time, a different Mudskip Guard had conquered the mangroves. But behold! It was their time! They had ruled 68 points while the Old Guard had reigned over only 54. Songs would be sung of this epic event and tales would be told to the children of Curieuse Island. Their names would become legend and statues would be put up in their honor.

As they trudged back to the camp of the Knights of GVI, they were greeted with a great feast. There were full pigs roasting on a fire, wine glasses were full, and spirits were high. There was a party that lasted all night and even went on into the next day. For no one had ever thought such a feat could be accomplished. When the party finally ended, the Knights went to sleep knowing they had done a great thing. As the years passed by, they grew old and weary, but none forgot that great day when they banded together and triumphed over a common enemy.