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Keeping Volunteers Busy

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara
Here’s a sight you don’t see everyday: a German, an American, and an Australian chasing a puppy down the main street of Pokhara, Nepal.  No one was more shocked than the owner of the poor puppy.  
No, we weren’t hungry and chasing extra meat.  
No, we weren’t out for our daily exercise. 
 No,  we weren’t bored and looking for something to fill in the time. 
 We actually thought that our little Kaire (our mascot puppy from Himalayan Encounters) had escaped and was making a run for it.  The two pups looked so alike and we could only notice the slight differences once Conner (the American) had the little guy in his arms.  Turns out the pup was being taken for a walk by his owners and, as leashes are uncommon here, it looked like he was on his own.    The guy did give us a weird look, but was nice enough when he realised we weren’t out to kidnap his dog.  Conner, Anja, and myself returned to the cafe we were sitting at to find Chris (another volunteer) completely amused by our quest.  The things we do…………
Story: Jo Vowles
Photo: Julia Gath