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Just another day in AFRICA!

By 6 years ago
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Today I went to the Caves, a place where a local youth group meet and GVI volunteers go along to hang out with them. I was able to play with the children and teach them how to read. Opposed to my class where there is 47 children, the Caves only had about 15 children and I was able to spend one on one time with a child and help them learn how to read.

It was quite amazing too because most of the children were from the village and had a very low level of education. One of the girls I was working with didn’t know what colour was and she was thirteen. Yet, by the end of our time together she was able to distinguish what was red, blue and yellow.

After giving her praise for all of her hard work she walked out of the Caves with an accomplished, beautiful smile.

After being a part of the Caves for the day, I walked out of the Caves with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. It was just another day in Africa.

By Volunteer, Sarah Jacknife