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Jungle Shower meets instagram

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara

Fridays are fun days at the Street Children’s Rehabilitation Centre. The kids only have a half-day at school so we take advantage of the free afternoon with jungle showers.

The purpose of our field trip is two fold. One of our objectives at all of our project sites is to improve hygiene. During jungle shower we wash the kids laundry from the week. Oftentimes, the children return clothes to volunteers when the hand washing isn’t up to par which can be both funny and exasperating to westerners – how amazing are washing machines? Next, the kids get to take a shower. They mostly rely on rainwater at their house, so the weekly trip takes some of the pressure off their water rations.
Best of all, the afternoon is full of fun which nicely masks our objectives. Our jungle shower outing gets the kids out and away their home, they get to expel some of their energy and their enthusiasm always rubs off on volunteers. Walking from the street kid’s home to the water hole is usually full of songs, ridiculous conversations and occasionally marching. Splashing water on each other, investigating local flora and fauna and indulging in a snack rounds out the afternoon.  
Last Friday, the kids helped me photograph our field trip. The photos they took are intimate, revealing and impressive. Have a look.