Jess Scully talks about her experience in the childcare program! Amazing two weeks!

By 5 years ago
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Hola! So I´m reaching the end of my two weeks volunteering at the childcare program, and time has flown by so quickly. First week was pretty tiring, learning Spanish from scratch all morning and then going straight to the ludoteca but it is all so worthwhile! Spanish is so fun and has a chilled vibe to it, the teachers are lovely and the best part is probably when all the students and teachers have drinks at a rooftop bar on Wednesdays. Needless to say we´re all a bit slow on Thursdays!!

The topic of last week at the ludoteca was sexual harassment. I was so moved by the amazing job the ludotecarias have done in educating children as young as 3 on this topic, and they really wanted to participate! It really hit me that whilst I knew we in the UK are reserved and don´t like to talk about problems much, it didn´t occur to me until now that that will have such a detrimental impact on our kids, and it is so important to be open and not static about these issues. A lesson that will stay with me for a long time!

My favourite days are definitely Fridays – games day! We played uno, volleyball, piggy in the middle… although I definitely said ´´pork´´ in the middle, thinking back. The children are very forgiving to whatever weird immature Spanish comes out of our mouths! 
We´ve also had time on the weekends to go exploring, go get lost in Mexican culture, dine out, go to the beach, go snorkeling and on mopeds around different islands. But the list of things to do here is endless. I will definitely be coming back!