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Karibu Jambo!!


Having taken part in a GVI volunteer program a few years ago, I had some pre-conceptions of what I would experience here in Mombasa. Interestingly, this program is similar, but also different, in a positive way.


Students from Nyota

Being in a different African country, it’s exciting to see how the people, cultures and places differ so much. So far, I’ve spent time with my new housemates, experiencing the local nightlife (bob’s – a nightclub in a car park), had a bit of a tour of the old town, the beach and the local shops. I’ve also met some very friendly people and been amazed at how well behaved the children at Nyota School are.

Voluntteers Laura and Matt
The schools here in Kenya are currently on holiday , so we’ve been doing a holiday program with them..all fun things; playing games, colouring, going swimming, sports and reading. Walking to &from swimming, I expected the kids to run wild with excitement, yet, although they were clearly excited, they stayed nearby, holding hands, taking turns to carry things.. Very impressive for such young children.

Volunteer Laura doing one to one reading with Faith from Standard 7
I’ve been lucky enough to work with the younger children this week, doing colouring and again, I couldn’t believe how good they were- not just behaviour-wise, but with the dedication to getting it all right and pretty and even adding words to explain what they have drawn..they’re all still trying to learn even though its school holiday s.

Lots of colouring – Lots of Fun !!!
One week in my Kenya trip and so far, I can’t be more glad I decided to come to helps that the locals have made me feel very Karibu (welcome)!


By volunteer Laura Dunnill