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It's almost time to leave Pez Maya

By Lynn McCalister 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

How it it already week 11 at Pez Maya.  It feels like only days ago all the volunteers where trying to learn each others name and now we are so comfortable with each other its almost weird.


I have to give a special mention to GVI, Prize Aid, Project Aware, and PADI as i won this opportunity, a 30 week MSDT internship.  Its like winning the lottery for a diver.  It was the best donation to Project Aware I have ever done.  Who could have thought following GVI and Project Aware on twitter could have lead to this amazing experience. I still cant believe I have won to this day, and its 11 weeks in!


There are many things that make Pez Maya a unique place.  The reactions of different people to communal living, the excellently trained and knowledgeable staff gaining your full potential out of you and the vast amount of learning you do here.  Whether it be how to use a compressor, the different techniques of bucket showers, how to become a rescue diver or an Emergency Fisrt Responder.  NOT to mention the mass amount of marine knowledge you gain.


One of the most resent accomplishments I’ve had is complete my rescue diver course.  I think during the training, I had a love hate relationship with the course.  As it is physically exhausting but you have a great sense of achievement once it is done.


I fell that all the rescue information has really sunk in due to the amount of in water training.  Its particularly funny to see how different Jodie, Kerry, and Eugene act as panicked divers.  I feel very confident with my rescue skill after having to deal with a relatively strong current and poor visibility.


Rescuing Susie, my buddy, was somewhat of a mission.  After a 19 minute tow back to the boat I was exhausted but pleasantly surprised at my own ability.


I never thought I would say it but I will really miss doing my rescue and its probably my favorite PADI course I’ve done so far.  I will patricianly miss saying ‘elp me’ in Susie’s Italian accent, Kerry trying her best to drown me, and Jodies pathetic screams as a panicked diver.


It’s really hard to believe Pez Maya is coming to an end.  Sometimes it feels like it only just started.  It has its ups, some of which are mentioned above.  But its also tough to say goodbye to people we have been so close with for such a sort amount of time.


Im looking forward to XTC and have started doing knowledge reviews for the Divemasters, but still the nostalgia has already started to kick in about leaving Pez Maya.


Gracias y Adios for now