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It's a Beautiful Life at Pez Maya

By Immy Howard 2 years ago

I have been at Pez Maya for just over a month and can safely say that my time here has been pretty fantastic! My first week went quite quickly; doing a swim test and sitting in on presentations about the coral reef. We learned about different hazards the reefs around us face, and what we are doing here to try and help out. We were also being taught how to set up our dive equipment before we got to go back to Playa del Carmen in order to complete the confined water part of the PADI Open Water Course. After two days spent learning the basics to dive in a pool, we then happily went back to Pez Maya, excited to finally dive in the ocean! However, due to bad weather we had to wait a couple of days before we could finally go in the water. During these days we spent time looking over the fish and corals we were assigned and playing games! Once the weather had finally settled and the waves went down, we got to go on our first dive, which was amazing. Seeing the schools of fish swim past and being so close to the reef was a completely new experience that left me buzzing with excitement. Since then I have seen turtles, nurse sharks and sting rays during my dives. I quickly completed the Open Water course and moved on to the Advanced Open water course which was really enlightening as it worked on fine tuning the skills I had learned in the Open Water Course.

Alongside doing the PADI courses I have begun the marine conservation work, learning the names of juvenile fish so I will be ready to identify them for collecting data. We have also learned about the invasive species Lionfish and how to keep the population down in order to protect the other wildlife on the reef. We are also doing weekly beach cleans. It is really incredible how much trash you can find on the beach.

So now that I am on week 5 I can say this; I have become a PADI certified Advanced Open Water diver, done countless fish spots, made lifelong friends and am living in paradise…. What more could you want?