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Intern Voice: Adventures in Nicaragua

By Mike Park 5 years ago
Categories Jalova

Myself and four other interns went to Esteli, Nicaragua for two weeks of Spanish school as part of our internship here at Jalova. After a twelve hour bus ride, we arrived in Esteli. We went straight to the school and took a Spanish placement test to see how we would be placed for class. After this, we were introduced to our host families and went back to their houses. Myself and two other interns, Matt and Tyler, stayed at a woman named Aida’s house while the other interns, Heather and Anna, stayed with a woman named Mercedes. In our house, there was also a little boy named Saih and a woman who took care of the house. They cooked delicious food for us throughout our stay such as chicken, pork, and enchiladas. The second day, we were split up into different classes for Spanish school based on experience that all consisted of one on one lessons or classes of two.

After classes, Esther, a Spanish teacher, would take us on optional trips several times a week including a cigar factory, coffee factory, and a museum. At the cigar factory, they allowed me to roll a cigar. We also challenged some locals to a volleyball match in which we dominated them. Other afternoons were spent exploring Esteli’s shopping areas or hanging out at our host house.

We did have one weekend while there and were allowed to leave and go to other areas. Matt and Anna went to Miraflor where they stayed the weekend. I went to El Tisey where other students and I were given a private tour of the rock carvings and an amazing view of all the volcanoes in Nicaragua. After our stay in Esteli, we returned to Costa Rica refreshed and ready for our new placements.