My Indian Adventure

By Kiara Maloney 3 years ago
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So I’ve been in India for about two weeks and only have one left; best two weeks ever and
already planning on coming back (for a longer trip obviously).
I’ve got to do so much that I never thought I’d get to do and met so many interesting people which is so great for me because this my first solo trip and that’s the stuff you worry about, and being in a friendly and active environment makes me feel like I’m getting the most out of my travels.
Teaching in Tamaraparambhu
Steering the boat!
So I originally signed on for the teaching programme here. I’ve taught English to some of the kids
in Tmaraparambu a government school here in fort Kochi. The kids go beyond sweet and amazing
they get so excited to learn and I’ve a better appreciation for my teachers from school because
it’s not easy to keep hyper kids focused. One of the days last week I was trying to explain
the past present and future tense to the standard 4 class. It took the whole class for one of the
boys to understand it but the moment he got what was going on his face light up and he got more
interested in the lesson and subject in general so that’s probably my teaching highlight.
     On my second week I swapped over to the arts programme. That week we painted a mural at this
relief centre for disabled people. We used all these colourful hand prints to make the Taj Mahal with
a sunset behind it and animal outlines in front. This was loads of fun and colourful as you can guess
I got covered in paint which was part of the fun. We were also painting an alphabet in the school
similar to letter land with cartoon characters to illustrate how the letters are used which was lots of
fun and gave me the chance to be creative.
     I’m planning on going back to education for my last week which I’m really looking forward to
because the kids are so sweet and I’ve loved teaching them. They are so smart and I can’t wait to
follow what they all get up to in the future. This has been a great introduction to
travel especially in India and I can’t wait to start my next trip