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Holly's Nepal Time!

By Holly Martyn-Smith 3 years ago
Categories Pokhara

The sunrise from Sarangkot


Where do I start. 4 weeks has absolutely whizzed by with only 2 remaining. I have experienced a huge array of new emotions. At the beginning once arriving on my own into Kathmandu airport I felt so overwhelmed. Being in a country so different and far away from my own, with no one familiar. Definitely  pushed me far beyond my comfort zone. My first night in Kathmandu definitely wasn’t a happy one.

However, I look back on it now and I couldn’t feel any further away from how I was feeling upon arrival. I’ve loved meeting the other volunteers and have definitely  made lots of life long friends.
Coming to Nepal has also given me a whole new perspective on life, especially on my own. It has made me much more appreciative of daily activities which everyone at home takes for granted, for example a hot shower. Although I’m still trying to hold in my screams every time I shower….!
I’m loving working on the Child Care projects and getting to know all the kids and helping them as best as I can. I’ve been involved in all 3 of the projects, which I’ve absolutely loved.
We had a fun time at CC  with Drama week. The kids split into groups and each put on performances at the end of the week, which involved certain key words. Even the volunteers ended up putting on a play for the kids, which they absolutely loved! It was great fun and a big confidence booster for them.
Bring on the next two weeks!
Saying goodbye to the adventure group