Hluhluwe Imfolozi Trip

By 5 years ago
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Each month, the Zimanga volunteers get to experience the world famous Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park. Famed for being the place that saved the white rhino from extinction in the early 20th century, it now hosts the world’s largest population of these majestic creatures.
Here is a summary of the latest trip by one of our interns.
Probably the biggest highlight of our trip to Hluhluwe was watching 8 White Rhino trying to bath in the same mud hole. The biggest one was trying his luck as boss for the day whilst we were there, chasing around another male who was interested in one of the females, only to back down, then trying to get back in the mud hole only to have one of the smallest rhinos stand up to him. After about 20 minutes watching them he finally settled for a corner and lay down with the rest of them to chill out. Unfortunately we did not see any lions but still an enjoyable day all round with plenty of wildlife.
On our way back from a day at St Lucia driving through Zimanga we crossed paths we a Puff Adder. Luckily Ester has quick reactions and he slithered into the grass but came back out to have his picture taken. When we later came back out for Party night he was still in the road just going along at his own pace not bothered by the vehicle at all.
Zoe Parker
Long term Intern
GVI Zimanga