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High Ambitions in Standard 5!

By 6 years ago
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In my first English lesson with Standard 5, I decided to just let the students introduce themselves and tell me what job they’d like when they grow up. Some of the volunteers that have been here for a few months said that many of the boys may say motorbike drivers and the girls washer women as they tend to lack ambition and imagination. So I went into class prepared for this.

I was quite surprised when some said pilots or doctors. But my biggest surprise came from one of the youngest boys in the class. He said, “Madam, I want to be a movie director – can you tell me what to do?” I laughed and told him to get to Hollywood! Then I told him to do well in school, get a good job and save, and then go to America.

Two weeks later in Creative Arts I asked all the children to draw what they would look like in their future job. I got lots of nurses, teachers and pilots. But the young boy wrote in bubble writing, ‘Movie Producer’ with the words, ‘Work hard to excel’ underneath!

I really hope that with a good education he can make his dream a reality!