Health program & weekend with whale sharks! Melody shares her experience!

By 4 years ago
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Ooh-la-la! What a weekend we’ve had! Domingo, Sunday, we snorkelled with Whale Sharks. I think this is the only place in the world where people can get in the face of these gentle giants. And I mean, their mouths are huge! Hundreds were lazing, feeding and swimming when we were there- what a sight!
Ah yes! Back to work on Monday. Our week started with Equine Therapy, then the Special Needs School starts at 8am Tuesday morning. We go by bus or by taxi to the school where we are greeted by the smiling faces of these children. We help with practising play they are producing for their last day. We then have breakfast and then after, help brush their teeth. Outside play is an activity they really enjoy. They kick balls, ride on bikes and cars, and jump on the trampoline. Phew! After that we all sing songs;  we go in the sensory room after that, where we would roll around on mats. We do story telling and what ever the children enjoy. One o’clock seems to come quickly! 
We take the bus down 30th Avenue and walk to the apartment for lunch. Some times we eat at a Mexican restaurant for variety.

Monday was our day to cook for all the volunteers (there’s currently 8 of us in the house!). We made roast vegetables and steak with tomatoes for salad. Ice cream is our favourite desert. What a way to end the night. We fall into bed afterwards because we are all exhausted.