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Hanging out under the fans

By 6 years ago
Categories Kerala

It is almost impossible to find the words to sum up my experience so far in Kerala! India evokes all of your senses from the moment you set foot off the plane, in the taxi from the airport I was both petrified and exhilarated by the sights and sounds that I experienced looking out of the backseat window. I look back at how I felt 4 weeks ago and chuckle to myself as it’s now just the norm and I love every second of the craziness!

I have been fortunate enough to experience different aspects of the project during my 4 weeks. The first week here at the GVI project in Kerala was the last week of summer school where local children came in to the school for English lessons, sports and lots of fun stuff. My second and third week was in the Orphanage teaching English to the amazing girls that live there. They have truly been an inspiration to me and I have come away from there with an overwhelming sense of happiness that I have been lucky enough to interact and spend time with them and to watch their confidence, charisma and witty personalities grow! My final 3 days have been spent back in the school for the first week of the new school term. I was working with the Year One class……48 adorable 6 year olds all so eager to learn. I have come away from there with the up most respect for their teacher; I have no idea how she is going to remember all of their names!!

During the four weeks I have been here I have lost track of the amount of times we have talked about the weather and how hot it is! The heat and the humidity is unlike anything I have ever known. I have spent the majority of my time here ‘hanging out under the fans’ in the school, the orphanage, at home, in cafes….wherever there has been a fan I’ve been under it!! Now the rains have come and brought welcome relief to the heat which we are all grateful for, but deep down inside I will secretly miss my fans!!

Amy ” i love my fans” McHugh