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5th Annual Charity Raft Race Preparations Begin

By Fanny- Cap Ternay Science Officer 3 years ago

P1040115Raft race 2016 poster Staff and volunteers are gearing up for the annual raft race to be held on the 8th of October. This event is an opportunity for GVI and our partner organsiations and friends to have a fun day out and raise money for our charity – President’s Village; a home for children from vulnerable backgrounds.

Teams of 4 are invited to construct a raft made from materials they collected from their surroundings e.g. driftwood, plastic containers, buoys, bottles to showcase how materials can be reused. This also highlights how important it is to be mindful of our own waste management and the need for recycling on both individual and collective levels.

Teams paddle (with their home-made paddles) to the far mooring buoy at the end of the bay and back. Last years’ event was won by Seychelles National Park Authority (our primary partner) in record breaking time so GVI staff and volunteers are really stepping up the raft designs for this year.

After the race everyone is rewarded with a BBQ to replenish all that protein used up during the event and give each other a pat on the back. This year staff and volunteers are also preparing craft items made from recycled materials to sell at the event to provide more ideas about recycling and raise money for our charity.

Updates of raft building and the event to follow…