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GVI Phang Nga Conservation Programme Blog

By 3 years ago
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One of the wonderful things about the Conservation programme is the range of activities on offer.  From teaching English to adults at a national park, keeping  beaches as clean as they deserve to be, scrubbing down cute baby turtles and educating children about the environment. Last week we had the chance to build a partnership with a cute small school in Kho Ko Khao to teach English to the children in the future. The school holidays ended and we helped them to clean the classrooms and the outside area to get ready for the new school year.

When we arrived at the school, the students and the principal were already breaking down branches. The sense of community was vibrant and truly welcoming. We got stuck in straight away. Despite the obvious language barrier, we worked as a team, the GVI team and community were not separate entities in this case. The kids giggled and smiled, just through doing simple tasks and this was extremely motivating.


Clearing the path for the students and making our first attempts to tidy up the classrooms was our next step. There are 4 big, spacious classrooms yet the school is only home to 27 students. After helping with these tasks, in 33 degree heat, the head teacher called us over to the outdoor dining area. They had kindly prepared some delicious Tom Yum Soup, Rice and Fruit. It was clear that they had appreciated our time just as much as we appreciated being invited to join and help with this important job. Hopefully, this is the first step before we can start teaching English and Conservation topics. Watch this space!

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