GVI Luang Prabang's Monthly Achievement Report: Charitable Trust Challenge

By 4 years ago
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This year’s week long Charitable Trust Challenge saw GVI Volunteers and staff rise early in the morning in order to participate in the local Alms-giving procession. From May 12th – 16th, 17 dedicated GVI volunteers and staff members woke up at 5am in order to involve themselves in the local Buddhist practice of giving alms to Monks and Novices. Those participating raised essential funds in support of GVI Luang Prabang’s Charitable Trust, which provides much needed sponsorships, scholarships, medical and general support for disadvantaged Lao students.

Sai Bat, the procession of giving alms to the inhabitants of local Buddhist temples, is a long-standing and highly valued tradition in Laos. GVI Luang Prabang chose this practice as it gets to the heart and soul of Buddhist Lao culture and constitutes a part of the local community’s everyday life. International GVI volunteers joined local men and women in the streets of Luang Prabang and at Buddhist temples with whom GVI Luang Prabang maintains close relations to give alms. Choosing a different temple everyday, often including long bike rides, volunteers and staff also sought to strengthen their relationship with these communities.

After a week of early mornings and gathering support from friends, families and past volunteers, GVI Luang Prabang raised an impressive total of $3769 USD in support of the Laos Charitable Trust. These much-needed funds are going towards sponsorships for English tuition, scholarships for both Secondary and Tertiary (Academic and Vocational) education and general support for medical issues for disadvantaged students.

Sincere thanks to everyone who supported the 2014 CT Challenge both with their time and their generous financial donations.