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GVI donates clothes to Hlokomela

By 6 years ago
Categories Limpopo and KZN

Upon arriving at GVI Karongwe, the volunteers’ suitcases are full of the items on the kit list… neutral coloured clothing, sturdy boots, mosquito nets etc. By the time the expedition ends, space in the suitcases becomes limited… the designated space for boots now being over-taken by curios and gifts for those at home. This means clothes and other items are often left behind. Bags upon bags of items have been collecting dust in our spare room for years.
After a weekly trip to the 
local town, Hoedspruit, we noticed a new charity shop, ‘Hlokomela’, had been opened. Hlokomela is an initiative that implements health and educational development in the local area and aims to improve general health and reduce the vulnerability of migrant and permanent farm workers to HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and other chronic health conditions.
The staff team agreed that this was an interesting and much needed charity in the local area and so the bags of clothes and shoes were given to the shop in order help raise money for the Hlokomela project.
Beth Silvester,
Science Officer,
GVI Karongwe