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GVI competition winner - Claudia: "I am so amazed by the ocean, which I have begun to explore over"

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan
Always knew my home was in Paradise! 
I’ve only worn shoes once this week, and that was when we went into Tulum to do our Scuba diving training at diversity divers in their chilly pool.  The other night I channeled my mama and taught a yoga class to a few wonderful women on the beach, under the most spectacularly clear, starry sky I’ve ever seen.  Afterwards, I picked a few leaves off of the nearby coconut trees and wove them together with thick grass to make nature necklaces for my “students”.  I haven’t looked in a mirror for five days, and the Caribbean Sea has become my morning shower.  Right now I am writing on my thigh with a sharpie because as I drive back to base, through the incredible scenery of Mexico, I am too inspired to not write, and there is no paper in the car.
I am in paradise.
The pool training for Scuba diving was long and exhausting, but so rewarding.  Breathing under water for the first time was the strangest and most wonderful sensation. It is surreal.  I was nervous before entering the water with a massive metal tank on my back, but any fear that I might have had was eased by the unbelievably capable and competent GVI instructors.  They make the learning process fun and exciting.  They explain each step of the diving process in such detail that you feel as though you are effortlessly drifting along the ocean floor as they speak. 
I am so amazed by the ocean, which I have begun to explore over the past week of intensive diving lessons and fish memorization. The magical sea creatures that I have had the pleasure of studying have truly shown me “a whole new world”.  There is something so enchanting about the bottom of the ocean; the mysterious caves of coral with so much life bursting out of every crevice, AND I SAW A CROCODILE!!!!!!
This weekend will be bitter sweet.  We are having a party on Friday to celebrate the end of our first week together, but our darling Charlie is leaving us on Saturday.  It is amazing how quickly you get to know and love people when you are spending all of your time going on adventures with. Charlie has been one of those people for me.  I am so sad to see her go, but I know we will keep in touch.
Sending my people back home all of my love, as always. Till next week!
Round the World Claudi