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GVI Community Hall

By Kyle, GVI Volunteer 5 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

In October this year GVI were approached by members of Silana Youth Group about constructing a new building in the village. The ‘GVI Community Hall’ will comprise of 2 bathrooms, an office and an open space for giving outreach presentations, training and socializing with the community. Some of our Expedition volunteers have had the opportunity to get involved with the construction work over the past few weeks, here Kyle gives us an update…

“I’ve spent two weeks here in Silana so far and the majority of my time has been split between teaching in the school and working in the village with the Youth Group. I have enjoyed my time spent in both areas, but the construction work in the village is very enjoyable at the moment, as we are currently building a new buree for base.

My first day working with the men involved shoveling sand into wheelbarrows to fill up the foundation of the new building. Although this is pretty mindless work, the talk between the men in the village keeps it entertaining. We filled up the foundation until it was level for a couple of days. When that was finished, we went to a nearby village to get gravel to mix with cement powder and water to create concrete in order to solidify the base of the structure and surrounding walls. The past couple of days we have been digging holes for beams and posts that will hold the walls and ceiling up, and laying more cement onto the side structure of the building. So far it has been both demanding and enjoyable and I can only hope to be here long enough to see the finished product. The men estimate that the physical structure of the building will be done in around 2 – 3 weeks.”