Greenhouse update!

By 5 years ago
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So I accept project manager Michele’s offer of looking after the greenhouse at Nyota Ing’arayo for the next 6 months without hesitation, thinking as an Aussie farmer this should be easy….
The greenhouse!

Next thing I know, I’m standing in the hottest room I think I have ever been in, literally melting in to the soil beneath me, and I suddenly realise growing vegetables in tropical Africa is going to be something else entyrely. We stagger through the greenhouse for my orientation, realizing the challenge in front of me, I am nervous but also excited.
Matt showing off the first ripe tomatoes of the season

Suddenly I hear a voice behind me, it says ”Poa”, which doesn’t register within the 5 words of Kiswahili that I know so far, so I simply turn around with a smile on my face. Michele then introduces me to Carlos, who will be my right hand man for the task ahead. We go to welcome each other, I go for the handshake, he goes in for a hug, and then we have the ever so common fumbling that occurs when a white guy and an African meet for the first time. But he’s a lovely guy and so I’m excited to work with someone that cares about this project and wants to see it succeed.
Nyota’s gardener Carlos working in the greenhouse

Stay tuned for vine talk and hopefully some sales…

By volunteer Matthew Booth