Grade R graduates

By Sally Ann Ferguson 3 years ago
Categories Jalova

Last week there was a big day in the township for some of the kids. It was their grade r (kindergarten/reception) graduation. The day started with all the kids arriving at the nursery where we all spend the morning singing songs and playing games. It was quite a sight to see 15 volunteers with 30ish kids sitting on the ground singing row row row your boat in the courtyard and another to see the confidence playing duck duck goose running around the big circle in a small space. After songs and snack it was time to help dress the kids into their smart clothes. All the girls were wearing white dresses and heels and all the boys were in suits. The teachers all gave out the robes (yes proper graduation robes in miniature form) and they all looked adorable. Then the ceremony started and although it was all in Xhosa we got the jist. There were many prayers said and hopes that the children grow into wonderful children and other things along that line. Mama, teacher Grace and even Cheryl all shared their words. The children all sang and danced to songs and then left and put on their caps. They were each then announced one at a time and given their photo frame with their picture in it. The kids all then loaded on to a bus and headed down to the beach where they stayed until the evening playing in the sand and water.