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Parting Shots
I have enjoyed the unique and diverse programs we have been a part of in Thailand. Teaching and playing with; the mentally and physically challenged youth at Camillian Social Center, the children at the Baan Than Namchai Orphanage and the Burmese refugee women and children has been such a privilege. I never imagined that people faced with such adversity could be so open and welcoming to a bunch of strangers. I hope I was able to make a difference in their lives, I know they have all made a huge difference in mine. Mollie O’Brien Oregon, USA

Did you ever search for a bigger reason for being on this planet? I found mine now, it is love. Alexander Hecher, Austria

I can truly say that the past 6 weeks have been incredible. I have met so many people from all around the world and I have enjoyed every second teaching at the Baan than nam chai orphanage, Baan nam khem school, Kindergarten and the Burmese refugee camp. I am proud to have been a volunteer here in Thailand and will most definitely consider returning. Leaving the project and the children will be emotional, but I have learnt so much about myself that I can take back with me.
Thank you GVI! You”re awesome!
Jasmyn Rama, England

GVI Thailand has truly been a memorable and enriching experience. The diverse people you interact with, the rich cultural experience it provides in conjunction with the community outreach projects makes it a wholesome venture that is not only character building but gratifying as well. Working at Camillian Social Centre has been heartwarming and emotional while participating in the Baan Nam summer camps, interacting with the children, has been thoroughly exhilirating. The highlight of my trip was the visit to the Burmese refugee center – seeing their plight puts life in perspective and seeing a smile on their face even momentarily makes this entyre experience meaningful and worthwhile. Leaving Baan Than Namchai foundation will be bittersweet while the memories and relationships formed here will truly last a lifetime.
Divya Pratap, Australia.

When I first came here to Thailand, I didn’t know what to expect and how much I should get out of it. With that fact in my hands, I am so grateful that I did this trip. I can’t explain it with words to you, because it is something you have to discover for yourself.
Fredrik Rigner, Sweden

Being a part of this project has been such a rewarding experience for me. I had the opportunity to work and spend time with children from the local community in summer camp, the Camillian Social Center and the Burmese refugee detention center. The volunteers were a great bunch too! These past 2 weeks have taught me so much I’m glad I decided to volunteer with GVI.
Rachel Raju, Malaysia