Good friends, good food and good times

By Siena and Alex 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

There’s no better place in the world to celebrate a birthday than an idyllic beach with friends, food and good times. This week a young pair of twins celebrated their cumpleanos in just that style – which also included some Pez Mayan homemade pizza (say what!?) and a steaming hot head dunking cake (which we are told is some sort of Pez Maya/Mexican tradition). What could top it off….other than a school of bottlenose dolphins giving one of the twins a shout out the day prior during a safety stop, after a thrilling dive at ‘Special K’.

Tonight we feast yet again, not only to celebrate the twinnies, but sadly also to farewell those who have reached the end of their tenure here. As with any valedictory ceremony, the traditional  slaughter of the Lion Fish took place today (also because they are an invasive species in these parts) in order to eat beasts’ flesh cooked in the finest citrus of the Latinas, and to give thanks and thoughts to our fallen/leaving friends.

As the food is being prepared, so are the “tribal members”, with face-paint and leaf skirts being adorned for tonight’s tribal festivities. For those that are lucky enough to stay, we have a long weekend ahead, which gives us the opportunity to explore the local area, either by visiting the ruins or (more likely) diving the infamous cenotes.

Feliz cumpleanos and hasta luego.