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Gone but not forgotten

By 6 years ago
Categories Kerala

On June the 1st we started the school year kids moved up a year, new faces came in, and we were given a new office. It was a fresh start for the kids they had just had a nice long break and were ready to come back eager to take on their new challenges within the school.

This was also the case for myself, taking on a school of around 560 kids in a brand new country with some brand new volunteers was both an exciting and slightly nerve racking period. Now the school term lasted about 14 weeks, which brings us to the holiday period once again this time for the Onam festival. A truly amazing time in Kerala full of music, kite flying, fun and dance.

So it’s a nice time to reflect on what we have done here in Kerala over the past 14 weeks:

· We have had 39 volunteers come to Kerala for the time of their lives.

· We have begun teaching at a brand new school for us. Making a difference with one-to-one lessons and teaching spoken English classes to groups of around 50 students!!!!

· Launched an amazing sports program were we are taking the kids for sport lessons as well as giving them an opportunity after and before school to learn new skills and develop.

· Teaching them team building skills and sports theory through the sports program.

· Got the grass cut and field cleaned for the first time in a year, so the kids have somewhere to play.

· Given assistance to the teachers in their classes.

· Taken on 24 of the most wonderful students all orphans from Manipur, giving them a chance to have an education that they would not otherwise have a chance to have.

· Written, Directed and Starred in 2 plays alongside the Manipur kids.

· Countless sports and Art clubs.

· Formed a football team to represent the school.

· Taken Tuition classes for students before and after school to help them along.

· Found some people are too competitive at bowling.

· Seen some amazing bollywood films.

· Shaken our biscuits at Ramada.

· Partied in the Bedroom Nightclub Mumbai!!!

· Paid tribute to Michael Jackson the only way we know how, by sweating it out on the dance floor!

· Put in around 833 hours of teaching.

· Given talks to the Kindergarten teachers on different techniques for teaching.

· Taken on a group of ladies training to be teachers, and helping them fine tune their English skills.

· RODE A COLLECTIVE TOTAL OF 1200KM!!! To raise 1542.00GBP so that we could sponsor 21 kids school fees for a year. Had some extremely sore asses for it!

· Ate a lot of Munch bars, and Cadbury chocolate.

· Built a rainwater harvest tank and toilet for needy families in a local village ( a new project were starting keep an eye out)

· Seen some interesting Kathakali dances.

· Taken local cooking lessons.

· Painted one of the kinder rooms IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!

· Had some incredible weekend trips to Varkala, Munaar, Goa, Mumbai, Cruising the Backwaters as well as Elephant washing, Rafting, Waterfalls and just Kickn it in FK with massages, great food and beautiful people!

So with the term coming to an end and all of these moments and memories, though I’m sure there are some I have forgotten and then some I just can’t mention. I want to take this moment to give a big THANKYOU XXXX to all of the people who have contributed to this term. For all of the literal blood, sweat and tears that you have shed. For all of the laughs, endless entertainment and the painful moments you have created.

But mostly for the hard work and unconditional love you have put into this program to make it what it is today. Thank you xox

Bring on next term!
GVI Kerala