Going deep!!!!!

By Will 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Greetings GVI fans and aficionados! Will DeBruin here to tell you about the wonders of the depths.


Today, the new vols (Pez Maya slang for volunteers) did our Advanced Open Water deep dive to 30m (100ft), almost doubling my previous record depth. As we descended, I felt the familiar twinge of unequal pressure in my left ear and for a minute I worried I might have to cut short our adventure into the unknown. Luckily, I ascended a few meters and WAAAHHH!!! …Excuse me, a mouse just climbed up my mosquito net right next to my face…. Anywho, I went up a few meters and felt the comforting pop-whoosh of air rushing to right the imbalance.


Once at depth, the instructor Sandy who had been hired by GVI to do our certification showed us the now completely flat empty water bottle she had brought down from the surface and the egg that remained unchanged. We all “oohed” and “aahed” over the ROYGBIV card that now looked like a brown, brown, brown, brown, blue, indigo, violet card and with that our required “skills practice” was over.


After unceremoniously smashing the egg on my mask, Sandy led us on a fun dive, slowly ascending to follow the sloping coral inland. About halfway through the dive, I spotted a splash of teal disappear behind a rock. Upon further investigation, I spotted a brilliantly blue fish with a rainbow wave pattern down its side. I motioned my mate Bax to come over and have a look but by the time I got his attention and turned back around, the fish was gone, leaving me to wonder whether nitrogen narcosis had made me imagine such a beautiful fish. A few minutes later we began ascending to our safety stop, ending my foray into the abyss.


UPDATE: After two more dives covering underwater navigation and boat diving, myself, Bax and Jr. are now certified advanced open water divers; time to break out Bax’s solar stereo and crank this thing up to 11!