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Girls speak up

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara

We recently interviewed the girls who attend conversation club to get feedback and a few of the girls agreed to let us share their answers.
You’ve had regular attendance, why do you continue coming to conversation club?
I continue to come to conversation club to make me more confident while speaking with my friends, foreigner, teacher.’ –Priya
‘To make my English better than this.’ – Pinkey
‘I like to attend because we can learn new things’ -Shrijana
What’s one thing you’ve learnt through conversation with the volunteers?
‘We should be very confident, we don’t have to be shy while talking with people.’ –Priya
What’s the funniest conversation you’ve had?
‘The funniest conversation is when I talk about my village life with volunteers,’ – Shrijana
‘One day while I was teaching Nepali to Josh’ – Pinkey
Have you noticed an improvement in any one else’s English who attends conversation club?
‘Many students are improving’ – Pinkey
What is your favourite thing about conversation club?
‘In here, I like to talk, playing games, meet different teachers, doing homework, ect’ –Safal
‘My favourite thing is I meet here very good teachers, teachers who teach me clearly and very good.’ –Shrijana
‘I’m very happy while talking with my volunteers and I can learn about the many countries as well.’ -Priya