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Girls Guidance and Counselling

By 6 years ago
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Madam Dorothy is the kind of teacher that the students trust. She takes the role of a loving, accepting friend, more so than an authority figure. She has been running girl group counselling sessions with standards 4, 5 and 6 and with my basic training in child therapy I was keen to go along.

Having done little group work I was daunted at first but it was amazing to watch Madam Dorothy with the girls, as though she had been trained for it. Our first session was based around HIV/AIDS, allowing the girls to ask any question they had. It was nice to see how open they were, even with me there and it was good to know these girls were being made aware of the dangers surrounding them.
The following week Dorothy began with a story which scared the girls. Some of the stories that these girls hear are shocking but they feel comfortable talking about it. On our last session I suggested we talk about happiness and the difference between long/term short happiness. Dorothy spoke inspirationally about happiness and installed a desire for ambition for these girls.
I love being part of these sessions, feeling that these girls can count on me is a great feeling and knowing they are receiving critical advice is even better.
Lucy, November