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Friendly Rivalry

By 5 years ago
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Friendly Rivalry

KCPE Mock Exams for Standard 7

This week at Precious Vision Care Centre, Standard 7 have been very busy revising and sitting their first ever KCPE mock examinations.A teacher who used to work at the school has set up a link with another locally run primary school, Jocham Academy, in order for the students to sit the examinations together.  This activity has many benefits for both the school and the pupils. 


Primarily the shared use of exam papers makes the purchasing of the papers cheaper for everyone involved (in Kenya things such as mock exams need to be bought and paid for by the individual school).  It also creates a new relationship between the corresponding teachers and pupils from the two schools.  The most important reason, however, is to encourage the students to do their best and excel in their KCPE examinations through the friendly rivalry created between Precious and Jocham. 


The KCPE (Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education) is sat by the pupils at the end of Standard 8.  If the students manage to achieve results in the top 10% of the country then they are often offered a scholarship to join a local high school.  Even the children who don’t achieve this will still be far better off with this certificate than without it, as every job (even shop assistants and hotel-workers) need to show their KCPE certificate upon application. 
With the Standard 7 students at Precious able to take this examination next year and the Olives Standard 8 students in just a few months’ time, the future of these children is looking brighter than ever before!


Natasha Richardson