Farewell to the Mountains

By Rosie Miles, Base Manager 5 years ago
Categories Limpopo

So this was my last week in the mountains in the official capacity of Mountain Project Coordinator. I’m passing the baton over to the very capable hands of Veronica while I take on the challenge of Base Manager at Karongwe. The 6 months has flown by but was jam-packed full of laughter and adventure. There were sunny days and rainy days, and days where we were above the clouds.

There were days when our trapping sites were bursting with animals and days when we had none. Days when we had cute captures like Gorgeous George the tiniest Dormouse ever seen and days when there was nothing but stinky shrews.

There were days that the sunsets brought tears to our eyes and days when the swimming was so cold it took our breath away.

But there never was a day that wasn’t filled with jokes and singing and the invention of new games and good dinner conversation by candlelight.

I’ll miss you beautiful mountain views, but at least maybe now I’ll get achievement awards for something other than shrew first aid!