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Farewell to the first fiveweekers!

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Suddenly you walk on this green, colourful road in the middle of nowhere. After a while you decide to look around and the minute after, when your eyes are back on the road again, you realise that its almost ended. That’s the thoughts passing around in the heads of the 5-weekers this week. Time runs fast and some of us are leaving the group for new adventures! Other than that the training are going great so far and monitoring isn’t far away! Fish, corals, algaes and other reef creatures can not hide anymore and we can id most all of them!

For the longweekend coming up most of us are planning dives. Wreckiving, cenotediving and Cozumel is planned and there is only one way to do it. Just like the first and second rule of life; have fun and look


Since we are all splitting up a big party in Playa Del Carmen will hit off, no one can walk the streets safe this weekend, that’s for sure! But yet again,it is so hard to leave a paradise like this Our own beach to live on, a wonderful world underwater to explore and amazing friends. Life is good in Pez Maya!