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Excerpts from a volunteer’s diary – Rob Buchan - Pangolin Sighting!

By 5 years ago
Categories Limpopo and KZN

Hi my name is Rob Buchan, I joined GVI Karongwe on the 25th of August. Throughout my time here we have all seen some incredible things, from lions to leopards to cheetah operations. (See the article on that here) But, as is always the case, there are certain things you don’t expect to see…
On the 12th of October 2012 we all saw something very special! The GVI team were out on research as we are every morning, when searching for lions, we came across a very rare sight. A female Pangolin was carrying her young one on her back whilst crossing the road, in broad daylight! Seeing a Pangolin is rare enough, but to witness her with an offspring was incredible. Needless to say with the two of them together, news soon spread of the sighting and everyone was eager to get a glimpse of the pair! 

The Pangoling mother with its offspring curled up by her head

The curled up baby

We all got our chance to view the animals and get some amazing photographs. This was my first sighting of a Pangolin and unless I’m very lucky, probably my last whilst at Karongwe. Karongwe seems to be relatively good for Pangolin sightings, but to highlight how rare a sighting this is, GVI has only seen 10 in the last 4 years! (Read about the last amazing sighting here) To cap the morning off we tracked our pride of lions virtually the entyre length of the reserve, ending with myself collecting the fresh faeces of our dominant male lion, Zero to contribute to a parasitological study. All in a day’s work at Karongwe!
The pair quickly relaxed and the youngster started clambering all over its mother’s back before it snuck underneath her to presumably suckle.
Hopefully I can report to you all soon on some more amazing sightings.
Rob Buchan.