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End of Expo 114

By 6 years ago
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This blog entry is not only to announce another succesful Expedition that is coming to an end. And yes, we can assure that “Expo” 114 has been a success: 5 motivated conservation interns, 7 community development interns, a rescued baby monkey, the WIOMSA simposium, a marine research workshop, a workshop about sustainable tourism with the local tour operators, the global AIDS day… and the list goes on.

So, to all of you who made it possible: THANK YOU!

But this entry is also a little of a tribute. Why? Because next year we are going to abandon our familiar schedule based in 10-week expeditions, swifting to a system in based in trimesters, with a continuous arrival of volunteers. That´s why words as “Expo”, “Expedition”, “Expedition volunteers” or “Five-weekers” are going to disappear from our lexycal resources. But don´t worry, there will still be volunteers, and interns, and all of our programs in conservation and community development will still be running.

Happy Expo 114 Ending! We are going to celebrate it tonight… wish you were here.